What You Need to Know about Auto Air Conditioning Systems


Cars usually get very hot, especially when the weather outside is hot.  When a car gets too hot, a person can sweat a lot making them uncomfortable and end up dehydrated.  There are two ways to keep a car cool; turning on the air conditioning system or opening the windows to let the wind in. Air conditioning is a better way to keep a car cool as it does not let in unnecessary noise or dust from the outside environment.

Air conditioning systems have various elements that make the internal environment of a car lovely.  Each has an important function to carry out and is vital in its own way.  These essential elements include the following; compressors, condensers, air filters, and evaporators.

The evaporator is positioned inside a car to absorb heat from the vehicle.  It is meant to get rid of the moisture content inside the car.  It directs hot air from inside the car to the compressor.

The compressor can also be referred to as the ‘heart of the cooling system.’  It is a belt driven pump fastened to an engine which is responsible for transferring compressed refrigerant air.  It collects air from the evaporator, makes it cool and then passes it to the condenser.  Through the compressor, heat which was absorbed together with air from the car is transferred to the evaporator.

The main function of a condenser is to radiate heat.  This part of the air conditioning system is very critical and the air flow of the condenser should work properly every time the system is switched on.

The air filters of the air conditioning system are responsible for inhibiting and holding foreign particles like dust from entering the system.  It is advisable to replace your filters once a year on the minimum if your car is not used in very dusty areas  and multiple times if your car is utilized in dusty regions.

To maintain a good performance of your air conditioning unit, ensure that the electric cooling fan of your car is effective.  When the motor is faulty, the fan may not work as efficiently as it should.  Excess heat from your automobile makes is challenging for the air conditioning system to cool your car.  When your car overheats, it affects various operations of your car including the air conditioning system.

In case your air conditioning is faulty, consult experts for help.  Today, there are many Port Coquitlam Tune Ups professionals who offer services to correct faulty auto air conditioning systems.  Many of these companies work within certain guidelines, including environmental protection and awareness.  They use various equipment to facilitate their services to the car owners.

Make sure that you take your car to experts for Port Moody Auto Air Conditioning services for your vehicle.  This is important so that you don’t spend extended periods in discomfort over your faulty air conditioning system when using your car.  Having ideal persons working on your car ensures that it stays in excellent conditions.


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